Search results.... 24 lost animals

Name Type Status Region Lost Date Lost Picture
BEAU Labrador Retriever lost Pineywoods 02/15/2021
Casper Mix lost Panhandle Plains 01/24/2021
Kiwi English bulldog lost Dallas 11/10/2020
Cali Pit bull lost Hill Country 12/22/2020
Reba German Sheperd mix lost Dallas 06/29/2018
Apollo German Shepherd mixed with pitbull lost Dallas 05/16/2018
Molly Scottish Fold lost South Texas Plains 05/06/2018
Chase Maine coon/ Domestic medium hair lost Dallas 04/11/2018
Little Bit Australian Shepherd lost Hill Country 04/24/2018
Rusty American shorthair lost Houston 04/20/2018

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